About us: Testimonials


“I really like coming to Ucan I like learning new things, meeting new people and having fun.”  – Kathleen

“I really like coming to Ucan because there is a completely friendly atmosphere, honesty and respect all round and great understanding by the staff.”  – Richard

“I really like coming to Ucan it keeps me busy and I have made lots of new pals. There are lots of different things to do and I have a good work placement which I think is really great. I am very happy.”  – Vincent

“Ucan is the best, I like the beauty I like doing my hair and nails.  Making lunch and serving everyone is great and making cakes is cool. I like working hard in the Gym it helps to keep me fit for my Zumba class.”  – Michaela

“I feel Ucan is a happy place with lots of interesting things to learn.  I have made some new friends and always look forward to coming.  Staff are nice, helpful, organized and supportive. Coming to Ucan has given me lots of confidence.”  –  Fiona

“I always enjoy coming to Ucan.  I like the good company and lots of different activities I really like working in the kitchen and making things in Arts and Crafts.  It cheers me up gives me something to look forward to.”  – Maureen

“I love coming to Ucan because it gets me out of the house and I like working with other Trainees.  The Gym is good, great exercise it helps me to keep fit.  I like the weights the best.  Ucan Radio is brilliant the music is really good and I love broadcasting live on air.” – Jason

“Ucan has helped me to feel better about myself and my life, even more so now I am in my own place now. Ucan is good fun, we get to think creatively and can make all sorts of different things. The variety of equipment n the Gym is really great, working in this class actually makes me feel happier and healthier; in fact after class I feel I could run a marathon.” –  Ben

Families & Carers

“The team and trainees at Ucan have had a really positive impact on M’s life since leaving school. The variety of working and social experiences M has enjoyed has been fantastic”

“As parents it has been rewarding watching our son grow as an individual with the support offered by Ucan”

“Marked improvement in his confidence, maturity and more importantly his social skills..much more tolerant and responsible and independent.”

“His confidence has grown and he is much more assertive in communication with others.”

“Greater confidence and more comfortable in larger mixed groups”

“She is happier and more confident in her life.  She is making new friends and learning new skills.”

“We have been working to improve P’s independent skills and this is complemented by Ucan.”

Social Workers

“The support given by Ucan has been the best thing ever!  G has a number of  alcohol related issues, however, by attending Ucan he now has a new focus and benefitted greatly from the culture and support offered there.  He now has greater feelings of self worth and recently Ucan have given him a part job which has helped G to see he has a purpose.  Importantly through this and Ucan’s support in promoting a reduction in alcohol consumption G is now drinking less too.

Ultimately, whilst carers have done a great job in supporting G, I do feel that the biggest impact has been Ucan.”
(Social Worker for individual with Alcohol Issues)

I have a number of trainees who now attend Ucan.  As a result of the work done by Ucan all are now far more independent both in their homes but also within the community. Two of these individuals have now secured part time work with Ucan and one has moved progressed from being a trainee at Ucan to a volunteer; ultimately such a move has also reflected the reduction in support he now needs in other areas of his life too.
(Social Worker for 4 clients attending Ucan)