Commercial Activity

In providing its contextualised learning environment, Ucan continues to extend its service into commercial ventures.  Significantly, whilst these services offer great value for money and high quality, they also provide valuable experiences for our trainees who not only get the chance to work with experienced professionals, they gain satisfaction from being involved in the delivery of a product or service to their local community and for many, the real opportunity to try things they have not done before.

Furthermore, an important aspect of our commercial work is that if customers are in receipt of benefits, a social service user, pensioner, a trainee at Ucan or a member of their family, in most of these instances we only charge for the materials used.

Our current provision includes:

All of our commercial ventures are yet another opportunity for our trainees to gain real work experience.  Work experience that, as always, is paid.

If you want to find out more about any of these enterprises please contact Joe on 01563 533000 or email