Frequently Asked Questions

We always ask that if you feel Ucan may be of service to you or someone you know, that you contact us to arrange an initial visit. This can be done via our website enquiry form our email address or by calling 01563 533000.

We are more than happy to show perspective candidates, their families and/ or supporters or social workers around the centre. These initial visits are a useful way of seeing what we do in practice and finding whether it is right for you. It also works as an opportunity for our member of staff to find out a little about you.

Self Directed Support or SDS allows people to choose how their support is provided, and gives them as much control as they want of their individual budget. Put simply, SDS is the support a person purchases or arranges, to meet agreed health and social care outcomes.
No, in fact we do not offer anyone more than 3 days as a general rule. The number of days an individual would attend, however, depends on their individual needs and circumstances. This could mean that an individual could attend 3 days or only indeed only a ½ day.

In many instances, however, whilst we would only offer a maximum of 3 training days we do offer trainees the chance of work experience which would be in addition to these training day; there is no charge for this experience, in fact we pay the trainees.

No, Ucan charges an hourly rate for its service.
No Ucan-Learn.Work.Live is a Social Enterprise, that means that there are goals to tackle social problems, improve communities and people’s life chances. Furthermore, all profits are reinvested for the good of our service users and wherever possible the local community.
No, however, if you feel that you or the individual concerned would benefit from the support of social services you should contact your local social work department. Depending on the personal information you are able to provide them you may be entitled to an assessment. In East Ayrshire this is known as “My Life. My Plan”. If this is carried out then you may be entitled to financial support to pay for services, including Ucan.

If you want to access Ucan but don’t have a social worker then you would need to pay for the service yourself.

Yes, Ucan is registered to be a provider of a wide range of SQA qualifications and across a number of disciplines and at different level. These include qualifications in hospitality, food hygiene, computing, employability and enterprise. In the near future, we are also looking to expand the range and types of qualifications we offer by registering with ASDAN. As well as this Ucan also offer the opportunity for trainees to gain industry recognised certificates and qualifications too. Furthermore, we also offer a number of in-house courses and certificates.

Attending Ucan, however, is not just about qualifications it’s about so much more. It’s also about building confidence, social development, making friends and gaining the opportunity to be involved in real life and work experiences.

Whilst based in Kilmarnock Ucan is not solely a service for East Ayrshire residents. We now have individuals that attend from North and South Ayrshire but we can take individuals from other local authorities too.
Yes, if you or the individual you have identified require transport to and from Ucan we offer a transport service. There is a small charge for this service but it is only from point of collection. It is important to add, however, that we are active in promoting the individual’s independence, therefore, where appropriate we offer them support with independent travel training.