Training: Case Studies

*Whilst all cases studies are real, the names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Case 1: Tom

Tom presented as a young man who lacked greatly in self confidence as a result of personal issues but also a mild learning disability.  He had been in employment and on a number of training schemes, but for different reasons had been unable to sustain or complete them.  Furthermore, due to the nature of his home life, he required support in order to encourage greater independence and to make more appropriate decisions.

When Tom joined Ucan, we set about putting together a programme aimed at boosting his confidence and encouraging his social development, and also one that addressed some key learning issues. An important part of this was to sit down with Tom and set out key target for the future as well as identify those areas that he felt he needed support with.

Initially, Tom’s lack of self belief meant that he set targets that were limited and did not reflect his true ability.  Over time, however, and by involving him in a wide range of projects, Tom started to develop in confidence to the extent that he identified the key aim of going back to college in order to train to be a mechanic.

As part of our training programme, Ucan found Tom work experience in a local garage. Whilst the garage provided the necessary practical training and guidance, we were able to work with Tom on the other areas that would help him first accessing, and then sustaining a college placement.

Outcome: Tom has now left Ucan and is at College doing an Access to Mechanics course.  He calls on a regular basis to let us know how he is doing.  He is doing very well!

Case 2: Andrew

Prior to joining Ucan, Andrew had a support package that saw him being given 24 hours of home support per day, 7 days per week.  As a result, he was supported in a significant area of his daily living; from cooking meals to going out in the community.

When he joined Ucan, it became quickly apparent that this was a young man desperate to be more independent, to meet and make new friends and importantly, to be given the opportunity to work.  Working closely with our trainers, Andrew was gradually exposed to a wide range of projects and activities that would develop his practical skills, improve his confidence in daily living whilst at the same time developing and improving his social and core skills. As with all our trainees, targets were set with Andrew that were gradual, yet challenging, realistic and achievable.  These included being able to cook simple, but healthy meals safely, independent travel training, building confidence in relationships and developing skills for work.

Outcome: Whilst he continues to attend Ucan, he has reduced how often he needs to attend.  At home, he has now reduced the need for support services dramatically, travels everywhere independently and has a small part time job that allows him to have the freedom to buy what he wants and do the things he wants.

Currently he is waiting to find out if he has been successful in his application to join Project Search; a year long employment training programme based at Crosshouse Hospital. We all have our fingers crossed!

Case 3: Linda

Linda is a young lady with Autism who also had an eating disorder.  As a result she faced serious disturbances in her everyday diet which meant that very often she would need to eat alone and only particular foods, showed distress and concern about her body as well as displaying signs of depression and anxiety.

An important element of working with Linda was to take things at her pace.  At Ucan we pride ourselves on our person centred approach and flexible delivery that allows individuals to participate at a pace that is appropriate for them.  We also operate in a culture of non-judgement where individuals can importantly be themselves and be given the space and privacy to do so. Such an approach was very important to Linda, therefore, whilst together we set key targets there was no undue pressure applied to succeed at every stage.

During her time with us Linda has had her fair share of ups and downs. Throughout, however, we ensured that our support was consistent and balanced.  It has taken time to get to know her, however, our person centred approached has given her the confidence to say when she felt ready to take on new challenges.

Outcome: Linda through the support of other services is continuing to deal successfully with her eating disorder and this has been supported by the team at Ucan.  Furthermore, as a result of the work being done with her, Linda has set herself clear targets and has gained a renewed confidence and self belief.  She now eats with everyone at meal times, she has even proven to be a fantastic cook, so much so that she now has a work placement at Ucan one day a week helping other trainees develop cooking skills and is completing an employability qualification.