Training: Work Experience

Helping individuals to develop new skills is an important part of our work whether it’s so that they can live a more independent life, move on to college or other training and employment. Specifically in relation to those preparing for work, providing real work experiences is a key part of our training.

So far Ucan has developed some key partnerships with local employers who have given a number of our trainees valuable learning experiences whether from hospitality and retail to mechanics.

Ucan itself, however, also provides a wide range of work experience opportunities both at our training centre but also in our other enterprises; these include, hospitality, cleaning services, landscaping and decorating.

This year will see Ucan extend opportunities further on two fronts. The first will be our landscaping gardening service, offering a range of services from grass cutting and weeding to fences and decking. The second is in retail and hospitality as we develop our 3rd unit at Willock Street into a small retail outlet with cafe. Both of these enterprises will provide further valuable work experience opportunities for our trainees

All work experience days are separate from training days, there is no charge for this and trainees themselves are paid for the duration of the placement.

Our local employer partners include:

Power TransportĀ in Kilmarnock

Power Transport in Kilmarnock

 Q Parts Car Components Factor in Irvine

Q Parts Car Components Factor in Irvine